How did indi leave home and away?

How did indi leave home and away?

After reassessing her life, Indi decides to leave the Bay to travel overseas and leaves the gym in Casey and Heath’s hands. It is later mentioned that she now lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Why did Luke Mitchell leave home and away?

Luke Mitchell has revealed that he would be open to a return as Romeo Smith on Home and Away for a cameo. Romeo departed the soap back in 2013, fleeing Summer Bay in order to save wife Indi Walker from heartbreak after being diagnosed with incurable skin cancer. It later emerged that he had passed away off screen.

What happened to Romeo in home and away?

Romeo (Luke Mitchell) The young surfer found out he had terminal stage four melanoma. Rather than tell his wife Indi (Samara Weaving) that he was going to die, Romeo left Summer Bay. After his exit, Indi received news that Romeo had passed away.

Is Samara Weaving married?

Personal life. Weaving announced her engagement to creative producer Jimmy Warden on 10 March 2019.

When did Indi Walker leave home and away?

Indi’s storylines have often focused on her relationship with Romeo Smith ( Luke Mitchell ). Weaving announced her departure from Home and Away in July 2013 and Indi departed on 13 November 2013 In a June 2009 interview with Digital Spy, series producer Cameron Welsh said a few new cast members would arrive during the coming weeks.

Is there a relationship between Walker and Indi?

Indi and Walker left fans guessing for a short while before they revealed that they had feelings for one another and were pursuing a relationship. Indi posted a message on Instagram stating that she’d spoken to Piper and Rockelle had approved the relationship.

Who is Indigo Walker in home and away?

Indigo “Indi” Walker was a previous character in Home and Away. The character was played by Samara Weaving and featured in the show from 2009, 2010–13. Indi arrives in Summer Bay with her mother, Jody, father, Sid and brother, Dexter from the city as Sid is covering for Rachel Armstrong (Amy Mathews) at the Northern Districts Hospital.

Why did Indi star and Walker Bryant break up?

The reason why the pair consulted Piper before pursuing the relationship was that Piper confessed to having a crush on Walker. Before Indi’s relationship with Walker, she was linked with social media star Sawyer Sharbino. There were strong rumors that they were dating, and they had admitted to having crushes on one another.