How big does a Blue Heeler terrier mix get?

How big does a Blue Heeler terrier mix get?

As the Texas Heeler is somewhat new mixed breed, there are few standards when it comes to size. That said, as a mix between Australian Cattle Dog and an Australian Shepherd, you can expect Texas Heelers to be on the medium side. Most weigh in at 25 to 5o pounds and are 16 to 22 inches tall from the shoulder.

Is a Blue Heeler mix a good dog?

With proper socialization from a puppy, this Blue Heeler mix can be a good choice for families with kids and other pets. It is not all cuddles for this breed though, their intelligent, highly adaptable natures, mean they need a good about of stimulation. As a very diligent breed, they will excel at skill training.

Can Blue Heelers be aggressive?

Are They Aggressive Dogs? Blue Heelers have one of the worst reputations among any breed for biting people. In particular, it is well known that a Blue Heeler will let anyone into a house, yet not let him or her out. They will attack the person’s heel, true to the name “heeler.”

Are rat terriers aggressive?

He doesn’t spar with them and generally is not aggressive towards them. As a matter of fact, many Rats want to play with other dogs, so you need to be on your lookout for dog-reactive or aggressive dogs. Once an aggressive dog provokes a fight, these terriers return the emotion.

Is a blue heeler a good family dog?

This is instinct, but can become a problem. If not properly socialized, he may become aggressive. A properly trained and socialized blue heeler is an excellent family dog. He is agile and tireless, loves to run and play with children and is an affectionate, fun-loving companion.

How big do rat terrier mixes get?

The average height of chihuahua rat terrier mix is 12-25 pounds and height ranges 12-18 inches. You can see black, brown, tan, golden, white and cream. They have large and erect ears like their parent breeds.

What is a blue heeler mix?

A blue heeler German shepherd mix is a cross between an Australian cattle dog of the “blue” hue and a German shepherd. The resulting mixed breed dogs can take on the attributes of either parent.