Does Tempest do splash damage?

Does Tempest do splash damage?

The Tempest ground attack now do splash damage to ground units.

Do Archons do splash damage?

Archons attack air and ground units with a powerful, short-ranged attack that deals exclusively splash damage.

How many tempests is one shot a carrier?

six shots
Against Carriers/Tempests, an un-upgraded Tempest will take six shots to kill a Carrier/Tempest even with +3 armor upgrade, therefore it is preferable for a player building Tempests to upgrade air armor to reduce Carrier interceptor damage even further.

How do you beat Mass tempest?

End the game early with a strong stim push or (my strategy of choice) a tank/banshee push. Ye, tempests are really good, and they are ESPECIALLY good vs mech imo. The main counters to tempest are Viks ONLY if the toss doesn’t also have storm (they usually will) and marines that don’t get stormed.

Where does splash damage occur in Starcraft 2?

Do you like this video? Splash damage is a term used in StarCraft and StarCraft II to refer to damage taken by units in the area surrounding a point of weapon impact. This damage is highest at the point of impact, and usually decreases the further the affected units are from that point.

What does The Tempest do in Starcraft 2?

The tempest retains its powerful long-range attacks, making them more useful for kiting enemies than a frontal assault like the carrier and mothership. The tempest also gained a Disintegration ability that deals heavy damage over time, effective for striking targets of opportunity.

What kind of damage does The Tempest do?

Improves the Tempest’s Resonance Coil to deal +40 damage vs structures. The Tempest is a siege unit that utilizes its extreme range to attack the enemy without receiving damage.

Which is the best unit for Splash Damage?

Splash damage is most effective versus large groups of weak units. Some attacks with splash damage may damage friendly units as well. The Valkyrie has the largest splash area.