Does Moray and Denise end up together?

Does Moray and Denise end up together?

Denise and Moray make up but he is reluctant to marry her since she will be forced to quit The Paradise. Denise decides to start her own business from her uncle’s shop so the two can be free to be together. The series ends with the two kissing.

Who does Mr Moray marry in The Paradise?

Unfortunately, Moray is engaged to Katherine by the time he realizes his feelings, which leads to him leaving his betrothed at the altar, even though her father has bought out all the leases to the town’s one street of shops, including The Paradise, and can now take the store away from him.

Who was Burroughs in The Paradise?

Arthur Darvill
The Paradise (TV Series 2012–2013) – Arthur Darvill as Bradley Burroughs – IMDb.

Why did Katherine ask Moray to return to the Paradise?

Katherine asks Moray, who has been exiled to Paris, to return to revive the fortunes of The Paradise, and save it from being sold. Weston is determined to control his wife and The Paradise, overruling Moray to his own advantage.

Why did Moray appoint Denise as head of ladieswear?

Miss Audrey develops a mysterious illness, causing her to lose her voice. Her absence creates a vacancy for a temporary Head of Ladieswear, and Moray appoints Denise as head because a potential client is expected to make a large order.

Who is Moray’s friend from Paris in the Paradise?

Moray’s friend from Paris, the flirtatious Clemence ( Branka Katić ), arrives in town as a fireworks suppliers. Clemence causes controversy among the girls when she declares women should be able to work and be married, causing Miss Audrey to doubt her wedding plans to Edmund. Tom Weston becomes fixated on Clemence, much to Katherine’s jealousy.

How did Denise return to the Paradise in Emmerdale?

As the wedding approaches, Denise returns to The Paradise. Moray confesses his love for her, much to her delight. However, Lord Glendenning now owns the freeholds of The Paradise and all the surrounding shops, and insists that Moray’s marriage to Katherine must take place.