Do attributes affect skills Wasteland 2?

Do attributes affect skills Wasteland 2?

Information. All attributes are passive, and won’t be used in the world to solve issues. Attributes affect skills and derived statistics.

Do you get more attribute points Wasteland 2?

Attributes. C.L.A.S.S.I.C. attribute system starts with each attribute at 3, in a range of 1 to 10, and 7 extra points to distribute. Dropping all the attributes to a value of 1 will give 21 attribute points to distribute, and an extra attribute point to distribute is gained every ten levels.

What is the max level in Wasteland 2?

Ranks are an abstraction of classic RPG levels used in Wasteland. The maximum possible level is 50 (Lieutenant).

How do you use skills in Wasteland 2?

Skills can be used by adding them to the respective Ranger’s Skill Bar. Skills are typically used by selecting them and clicking on the object in the environment upon which you want to use the skill, but some skills are passive or may require consumable items (like Field Medic and Surgeon) before they can be used.

How many attributes do you have in Wasteland 2?

Attributes. A Ranger’s basic attributes are Coordination, Luck, Awareness, Strength, Speed, Intelligence and Charisma. Together, they form the basis of the CLASSIC system. Each Ranger starts with a value of 3 in each of these attributes and 7 points to spend, giving you a total of 28 points for 7 attributes.

What do action points do in Wasteland 2?

Here is a basic outline: Action Points limit how many actions your Ranger can take per turn. This value is your basic minimum value, which can increase with Luck bonuses or by carrying over extra Action Points in combat, or decrease if your Ranger is weakened. Action Points are one of the most important stats available in Wasteland 2.

What does combat speed do in Wasteland 2?

Combat Speed is the amount of distance (in meters) the Ranger can cover per Action Point available. A Ranger with high Combat Speed will be able to cover much more ground and still have enough Action Points left over to attack, while a slower Ranger may be unable to do the same.

How do you change Ranger’s stats in Wasteland 2?

While changing a Ranger’s attribute scores, keep an eye on the Derived Stats list in the lower left-hand corner. These can’t be increased directly, but instead are based on your general build and define many things such as Action Points per turn in combat, bonus to critical chance, and more.