Can you stack 2960S and 2960X?

Can you stack 2960S and 2960X?

The 2960X allows stacking of up to eight switches and can provide up to 80 Gbps bandwidth with FlexStack+. Since 2960S can only stack up to four and provides up to 40 Gbps bandwidth, both switches are architecturally different and one would think that it shouldn’t stack – but, it does.

How do I add a Cisco 2960 switch to an existing stack?

Cisco 2960X – Add Stack Member

  1. Power up the new switch and check that IOS matches that of the existing stack.
  2. Copy the config from the existing stack to the new switch.
  3. Provison the new switch on the existing stack.
  4. Set stack member number and priority on new switch.

What is FlexStack stacking?

A Cisco FlexStack is a stacking solution for multiple physical switches that will act as a single unit, as in a logical switch. Each FlexStack member supports two connections. Using this switch stacking method, as many as four Catalyst 2960 switches can be stacked together to create one logical switch.

Can a 2960 stack be stacked with 2960 s?

Backward Compatibility When the 2960-S and 2960-X members are stacked together, the entire stack (even the 2960-X members) fall back to FlexStack capabilities. Mixing 2960 members limits the max stack members to four, and 20Gbps stack bandwidth per member, and 40Gbps per stack. 0 Helpful

Is there a flexstack module for Cisco Catalyst 2960 s?

Cisco FlexStack provides stacking of up to four 2960-S switches through an optional module (Figure 2). The FlexStack stack module is hot-swappable and can be added to any Cisco Catalyst 2960-S switch with LAN Base software.

Can a flexstack switch be combined with a 2960 SF switch?

FlexStack also allows mixed stacking: 2960-S and 2960-SF switches can be combined to provide a combination of Gigabit and Fast Ethernet ports in a single switch stack. Figure 2. Cisco FlexStack Switch Stack

How long does it take for a catalyst 2960-x switch to reconverge?

When a single link in a full ring stack becomes inoperable, there is a disruption in the forwarding of packets, and the stack moves to a half ring. In a homogenous stack of Catalyst 2960-X switches this disruption of traffic (or stack convergence time) takes milliseconds. In a mixed stack configuration, the stack takes 1 to 2 seconds to reconverge.