Can you Download Webex chat?

Can you Download Webex chat?

In the meeting window, go to File | Save As | Chat… 2. Choose a location which you want to save the file. By default, if you have already save chat in the session, the name of the previous file you saved will display.

What is Messenger Webex?

Messaging that powers collaboration. advanced features for group messaging, Collaborate internally or externally Collaborate with anyone, inside or outside your organization—all from the same space. Collaborate across applications Co-edit documents and use many of your favorite apps—all without leaving Webex.

How do I Download a Webex team to my laptop?

Thanks for downloading Cisco Webex Teams.

  1. Double-click the WebexTeams.msi file you downloaded. Open your Downloads folder. Double-click the WebexTeams.dmg file.
  2. The Webex Teams setup wizard will launch. Follow the instructions to set up.
  3. Once installed. the app will launch automatically.

How do I access my Webex chat?

Getting Started

  1. Open the Chat panel from the link in the lower right of the meeting window:
  2. In the Send to or To drop-down list, select the recipient of the message.
  3. Enter your message in the chat text box, then press Enter on your keyboard.

Where is Webex chat saved?

The Meeting Service Desktop App saves the chat messages in a . txt file at the location you selected. Note: If the chat is not saved or a meeting is closed accidentally, the chat history cannot be retrieved and this article does not apply to Webex Meetings mobile app.

How do I install Cisco Webex app on my laptop?

In the Webex Meetings Desktop App section, select your your operating system from the drop-down menu. Click on the Download button. In the window that appears, Save the file to your desktop. Double-click the downloaded file and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.

Can I download Webex for free?

Best of all, you can sign up free. Participants connect in a virtual meeting using HD video and audio across web, desktop, mobile or video system. Solutions like Webex also offer sophisticated video conferencing features like screen sharing, meeting recording and transcription, AI-powered meeting assistance, and more.

How do I set up Webex messaging?

Select a person or a space from your spaces list. Click the message area and then type your message. You can include files, add personality with emojis or animated GIFs, and also add formatting or Markdown to make your messages stand out or be easier to read. You can also send a phone number and anyone can make a call.

How do I enable chat in Webex?

To enable the Chat icon:

  1. Click on the Meeting or Event drop-down menu, then select Options:
  2. On the General tab, check the box for Chat, then click OK.

How do I install Webex app on my laptop?

How do I download WebEx?

Steps Go to your WebEx page in a web browser. Click My Files. Click the My Recordings tab. Click the down-arrow next to the meeting you want to download. Click Download.

Does WebEx work on Mac?

YES! Most significantly, WebEx for Mac OS X is automatically installed and does NOT require a restart after installation. Due to the superior stability and architecture of Mac OS X, WebEx is more stable, too. You will notice that WebEx looks great, as well: every element of the user interface has been updated to the new Aqua standard for Mac OS X.

How does WebEx Meeting work?

In a WebEx meeting, participants can use webcams to video conference, share their computer screen, chat with meeting attendees via text, and record the meeting for later review. WebEx also includes course management tools such as raising hands, polling and passing presentation rights to participants.