Can I use any portable hard drive for Mac?

Can I use any portable hard drive for Mac?

Will hard drives formatted for PC work on a Mac? Generally, yes—for the most part, a hard drive is a hard drive, and any hard drive you buy for a Windows PC should work fine on a Mac as well. Otherwise, any hard drive with a USB connection should have no trouble working on a Mac.

Do Macs need special hard drives?

In general, you don’t need special Mac-only hardware stuff anymore. Hard drives, RAM, peripherals, etc. are all fairly generally universally compatible; even the stuff that’s generally seen as “Mac” (i.e., FireWire and now Thunderbolt) is Windows- and Linux-compatible and will generally work fine.

Can you put a new hard drive in a Mac?

If your Mac is more than a few years old, you can almost certainly upgrade the hard drive. Unfortunately, if you’ve got a newer model, you’re probably out of luck. The modern Macs you’re able to upgrade are: MacBook Core 2 Duo.

What is the best backup for Mac?

What is the Best Backup Software for Mac?

  • SuperDuper! SuperDuper! is easy to use with a well-designed, intuitive interface.
  • Carbon Copy Cloner. Carbon Copy Cloner is a simple cloning tool that backs up your internal hard drive at the bit level.
  • ChronoSync.
  • SmartBackup.
  • Disk Drill.

What should I buy for an external hard drive for my Mac?

When you buy any fully-assembled external hard drive for your Mac, you’re really buying two things: an internal hard drive like the ones shown above, and an external enclosure. To keep costs low, the cheapest external enclosures ($15-$20) often cut corners by using bare-bones chips, cables, and materials.

What’s the speed of an external hard drive on a Mac?

This reduced power draw helps preserve the battery life of the Mac you plug the drive into. Desktop external hard drives usually run at 7200 rpm to offer all the speed they can.

What to do with an old hard drive on a Mac?

On the “easy to difficult” scale, putting your old internal hard drive into either an external hard drive enclosure or docking station is ultra-easy — almost certainly simpler than removing the drive from your Mac.

Which is the best hard drive for MacBook Pro?

LaCie’s range of Mobile Drives provide a much wider range of options, as well as a ‘diamond cut’ design. Rather than the neon-orange rubber bumper of the Rugged drives, the new Mobile Drives are wrapped in smart aluminium. They’re available in two colours: ‘moon silver’ and, of course, ‘space grey’ that is intended to match the latest Mac models.