Are SsangYong Actyon any good?

Are SsangYong Actyon any good?

It’s a strong, healthy engine, the performance is strong and a real plus is that it’s very economical as well. A rather nice combo for towing and is rated to pull up to 2.5tonnes braked.

What engine is in SsangYong Actyon?

XDi200 turbo diesel engine
Powered by a 114kW/360Nm 2.0-litre e-XDi200 turbo diesel engine, the Actyon promises to be among the most fuel efficient utes on the market.

Who makes SsangYong Actyon?

SsangYong Motor
SsangYong Actyon/Manufacturers

Where are SsangYong Utes made?

One of these contenders is the SsangYong Musso, the only pickup made in Korea. It may have a strange-sounding name and a (subjectively) frumpy look, but it’s earned a solid reputation among devotees as an underrated achiever.

When did the SsangYong Actyon SUV come out?

The SsangYong Actyon / ækˈtiːən / is a compact SUV built by the South Korean automobile manufacturer SsangYong Motor from 2005 to 2011 for the first generation, and 2012 to present for the second. It was available either as an SUV (Actyon) or as a pick-up truck (Actyon Sports).

What is the towing capacity of a 2010 SsangYong Actyon?

Ssangyong Actyon 2010 Towing capacity Ssangyong Actyon Model Body Type Specs Braked Capacity A200 XDI SUV 2.0L,Diesel,5 SP MAN 2300kg A200 XDI SUV 2.0L,Diesel,4 SP AUTO 2300kg A200 SPR XDI SUV 2.0L,Diesel,4 SP AUTO 2300kg

How did the SsangYong Actyon diesel get its name?

The name is an amalgam of the words “action” and “young”. Both are available 2WD or 4WD systems and a third generation common rail VGT turbo diesel engine, or one 2.3 litre overhead cam four cylinder petrol engine.

What does the SsangYong Actyon front grille look like?

The fenders and the engine compartment looked like they were assembled from two different cars. The front grille resembled some cars from the ’40s. The sloped roofline looked more like a hump than a coupe-style.