Why is Maycomb a bad town?

Why is Maycomb a bad town?

In the novel, Maycomb is described as a small, insular town in Alabama, suffering from poverty due to the Great Depression. It is very racially segregated, with blacks and whites living in separate areas; the black area of the town was known as the Quarters.

Where is Maycomb County located in To Kill a Mockingbird?

To Kill a Mockingbird takes place in Maycomb, Alabama during 1933–1935. These years place the events of the novel squarely within two important periods of American history: the Great Depression and the Jim Crow era.

Is Maycomb County Poor?

The entire country was facing economic hardship, so Maycomb was not unique its struggles. That said, we also know that Maycomb is a small, rural town. The town doesn’t create much opportunity to earn money; they are not a seat of industry or agriculture, for example. Geographically, it is far from most everything, too.

Is Maycomb Alabama a real place?

Maycomb is a small, poor town steeped in traditional Southern values. The story takes place in the deep South in Maycomb, Alabama during the Great Depression . The town of Maycomb in To Kill a Mockingbird is actually based on the real town of Monroeville in Monroe County , Alabama, Harper Lee ‘s hometown.

How is Maycomb described in to kill a Mockingbird?

in: “To Kill A Mockingbird” takes place in the small fictional town of Maycomb, in Alabama, during the three years of the Great Depression. Scout describes it as a ‘tired old town.’ later descriptions indicate that Maycomb was a slow, boring town with nothing to do.

What is the mood of Maycomb?

In literature, the mood of a setting, such as the quaint town of Maycomb, is used to invoke certain feelings and create a specific atmosphere throughout the novel. In Chapter 1, Scout describes Maycomb as being a ” tired old town ,” that was hot enough to wilt men’s collars by nine in the morning (Lee 6).

How do you describe Maycomb, Alabama?

Maycomb is described as being a ‘small, isolated, inward looking town’ in Alabama where children freely roam around and, often, into other people’s backyards and business. As it is such a small town gossip is more than a common occurrence, especially amongst the Maycombian women.