Why does Dana White not like Steve Mazzagatti?

Why does Dana White not like Steve Mazzagatti?

At the end of the day, White says he has nothing personal against Mazzagatti because he doesn’t even know him, but his refereeing is atrocious and he believes he has no business inside the sport of MMA. “The guy shouldn’t even be watching MMA on television, let alone f—king reffing it,” White said.

Is Steve mazzagatti still reffing?

Mazzagatti still works, enough said. The fact that the commissioner would let this guy referee fights still is just beyond my comprehension.”

What happened Josh Rosenthal?

Josh Rosenthal, a noted mixed martial arts referee who officiated several memorable UFC bouts over the course of his career, has been sentenced to 37 months in federal prison, based on his guilty plea to various drug charges including conspiracy to manufacture and distribute marijuana and possession with intent to …

Who is the best UFC referee?

15 Most Famous UFC Referees of All Time

  • John McCarthy. When it comes to the most famous and respected referees, not only in the UFC but MMA in general, ‘Big’ John McCarthy is possibly number one.
  • Herb Dean.
  • Mike Beltran.
  • Marc Goddard.
  • Mario Yamasaki.
  • Steve Mazzagatti.

Who is Steve Mazzagatti in official Island?

Except in his moonlighting gig as a fight game referee, where – as far as popular opinion goes – he’s a classless villain who is singlehandedly destroying mixed martial arts. Mazzagatti the referee has become the man we love to hate.

Why do we hate Steve Mazzagatti the referee?

Mazzagatti the referee has become the man we love to hate. Whenever he stands in the cage as an arbiter between two big principals – the bigger the fight, the more total the outrage – Twitter revs up with commentary ranging from dark humor to absolute disgust. People talk as if he’s personally and deliberately trying to mess with their lives.

What did Steve Mazzagatti say about Keith Kizer?

Mazzagatti has a thick skin, as anybody in a thankless profession must. He answers to Keith Kizer of the NSAC, whom he says, “is the last person to hold back any feelings – he’s just like Dana. If something’s on his mind he will come to you, and get right in your face and say what the hell happened right there.”

Who was the referee in the Fitch-Burkman fight?

While referee Steve Mazzagatti stood over them watching, Fitch fell limp and Burkman, realizing he was out, let go of the hold and stood up. As Burkman turned his back, Mazzagatti knelt down over Fitch and waved off the fight.