Who is the MC of Joukamachi no dandelion?

Who is the MC of Joukamachi no dandelion?

Shuu Sakurada
Shuu Sakurada | Joukamachi no Dandelion Wiki | Fandom.

Is Joukamachi no dandelion over?

Since the source material for the series was still ongoing, the Joukamachi no Dandelion anime was given an original ending.

What is Aoi Sakurada power?

Her father claims that because it’s her, Aoi’s power to make anyone obey her orders resides in her, since she has such a kind heart and wouldn’t want people to obey her. In the manga, another “side” of Aoi was shown after real ability was revealed to the citizens by her father right before the election.

What kind of anime is Castle Town dandelion?

A 12-episode anime television series adaptation animated by Production IMS aired in Japan between July 2 and September 17, 2015….Castle Town Dandelion.

城下町のダンデライオン (Jōkamachi no Danderaion)
Genre Comedy, slice of life, supernatural
Written by Ayumu Kasuga
Published by Houbunsha

Who are the main characters in joukamachi no dandelion?

Akane Sakurada (櫻田 茜, Sakurada Akane?) is the main protagonist of the Joukamachi no Dandelion series, and the fourth oldest child and the third oldest daughter of the royal Sakurada family.

Why is Akane so popular in joukamachi no dandelion?

Despite being so shy, Akane is very popular in the campaign and places very well in polls, and she even has her own fan club at school where it’s members are very devoted to Akane. Even after making her 100th speech, however, Akane still stutters and speaks very quietly where her eldest siblings have to help her out in public.

How tall is Haruka in joukamachi no dandelion?

Haruka is a teenage boy with average build and height, who looks slightly feminine. He has short, light purple hair which reaches down to his lower chin and blue (turquoise in the anime) colored eyes. He was noted to be very similar to his twin Misaki Sakurada when they were children, but as teens they have notable differences.

Who is Teru in Castle Town Dandelion?

Teru Sakurada is the eighth child and youngest son of the royal Sakurada family. Seeing how hard his other eight siblings work to the upcoming election to become the successor of their father, Teru decides to do his best to become the king as well. ( more…) The latest manga chapter synopsis for Castle Town Dandelion can be found here .