Which country has the highest rate of obesity?

Which country has the highest rate of obesity?

Ranking (% obesity by country)

# Country % obesity
1 Nauru 59.85
2 American Samoa 58.75
3 Cook Islands 53.97
4 Palau 53.15

Is the US the fattest country?

The United States is home to 13% of the world’s fat population, the largest percentage of any other country in the world, according a new study published in the Lancet. In fact, around 30% is now overweight or obese.

Why does Japan have such a low obesity rate?

Japan had the lowest prevalence of obesity. The average person in Japan is thought to consume approximately 200 fewer calories than an average American person daily, which is thought to be due to higher food prices and traditional dietary habits in Japan, which are often healthier.

Is Australia an obese country?

Australia ranked 5th out of 23 countries with available data for the proportion of people aged 15 and over who are obese (30%)—this was greater than the OECD average of 24%. It shows Australia had the 6th highest proportion for overweight and obesity combined (65%), and the 5th highest proportion for obesity (30%).

Which countries have the highest obesity rate?

India and China together make up 15 percent of the world’s obese population, and in Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico, the obesity rate is upward of 57 percent for men and 65 percent for women. Worldwide, the number of overweight and obese people increased from 857 million in 1980 to 2.1 billion in 2013 – an increase of more than 145 percent.

What states have the highest obesity rate?

These are the states with the highest obesity rates in the country: West Virginia (38.1 percent) Mississippi (37.1 percent) Oklahoma (36.5 percent) Iowa (36.4 percent) Alabama (36.3 percent)

Which country has biggest obesity problem?

According to the World Health Organization, the country with the highest rate of obesity is the island state of Nauru , in the South Pacific, where 61.1% of the population are obese.

Does America have the highest obesity rate?

While many industrialized countries have experienced sharp increases, obesity rates in the US are among the highest in the world. Today, more than 2 in 3 American adults are considered to be overweight and nearly 1 in 3 obese. Some 1 in 20 have extreme obesity.