Where was Rik Emmett born?

Where was Rik Emmett born?

Toronto, Canada
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How long has Rik Emmett been married?

As a human being, Rik has been married 24 years and has four kids.

What happened to Rik Emmett doing now?

Rik’s latest release is the singer-songwriter acoustic project, Folk Songs for the Farewell Bonfire. Retired from touring, he has signed with ECW Press for publishing a manuscript of poetry (working title, Reinvention) in 2021, followed by a memoir somewhere down the road.

How old is Rik Emmett Triumph?

68 years (July 10, 1953)
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Who is Rik Emmett and what did he do?

Rik was an innovative music educator of long standing with Humber College in Toronto, and is the Artistic Director Emeritus of the annual Songstudio Songwriting Workshop. Rik Emmett was a relatively unknown singer/songwriter/guitarist on the local Toronto scene in September of ’75 when he joined a newly-formed hard rock trio called Triumph.

When does Rik Emmett’s new album Come Out?

There was a full-blown rock record released worldwide in 2016, RES 9, for the MASCOT / PROVOGUE label. His latest creative work, set for release in early 2020, is entitled “ Folk Songs for the Farewell Bonfire “, and includes 18 solo acoustic / vocal tracks, as well as 6 jazz guitar instrumentals.

When did Richard Emmett leave the band Triumph?

Richard Gordon Emmett (born July 10, 1953) is a vocalist, guitarist, and member of the Canadian rock band Triumph . Emmett left Triumph in 1988 to pursue a solo career. His first solo album, Absolutely, was released in 1990 and became a moderate hit across the United States and Canada thanks to the hits “When a Heart Breaks” and “Saved by Love”.

How is Rik Emmett similar to Geddy Lee?

Emmett’s voice also has a noticeable resemblance to Geddy Lee (of Rush ), leading to the band’s sound itself often being compared to Rush. In 2007, Emmett joined former Triumph bandmates Gil Moore and Mike Levine for their induction into the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame.