Where can I manufacture my clothing line?

Where can I manufacture my clothing line?

10 clothing Manufacturers You Can Use for Your Online Business.

  • Pineapple Clothing (SaleHoo Featured Supplier)
  • Good Clothing Company.
  • Apparel Production Inc.
  • Indie Source.
  • Portland Garment Factory.
  • Billoomi Fashion.
  • Dewhirst.
  • Where is the cheapest clothing manufacturer?

    Bangladesh provides the lowest wages out of all the major garment manufacturing countries in the world. The minimum monthly wage for garment workers in Bangladesh is 5,300 taka or 65 USD.

    How do I find a manufacturer in the Philippines?

    A list of suppliers can be obtained from the Philippine embassy or trade commission in your country. This is an easy way to the get the names and addresses of prospective suppliers but next steps involve determining their reliability, checking prices, quality, and available packaging.

    Who are the clothing manufacturers in the Philippines?

    Islas Glass Incorporated is one of the ancient manufacturers and exporter of apparel and garments , ethnic wear , textil We are the Philippines`s leading wholesale and trading clothing company, providing high quality apparel fashion and ac

    Are there any small order clothing manufacturers in China?

    They are located in Kuta. Small order clothing manufacturers in China. Bryden was established in 2013 to help independent fashion brands, large fashion houses and e-commerce retailers. They assist clients with designing, creating packs, sourcing fabrics, creating samples and bulk apparel production. China-based manufacturer.

    Which is the best clothing manufacturer in Bali?

    Located in Denpasar, they are the rising star in the manufacturing world with low minimum quantity orders at an affordable price. They specialise in swimwear and activewear. A Balinese based ethical clothing manufacturer and designer. They are located in Kuta. Small order clothing manufacturers in China.

    Who are the largest clothing manufacturers in Indonesia?

    Activewear Bali is located in Kerobokan and are the one-stop shop manufacturer for all types of activewear, swimwear, yoga-wear and sportswear. Located in Denpasar, they were established in 1995 and manufacture quality garments for the western export market. Their factor specialises in producing beachwear.