Where are the silver keys in shifting sands?

Where are the silver keys in shifting sands?

Shifting Sands | Silver Keys Fable III Guide You will find the first key between the rocks [2]. Once you pick it up, return to the main path and move further forward [1]. The second silver key is floating by the stone ruins [2]. To get the next one, head back to the city and turn left behind the stone arch [1].

Where are the silver keys in Silverpines?

One key can be found just before you enter the village. As you enter Silverpines from Millfields, head towards the small village. At the edge of the village, before you reach the wall, veer left on the path and you’ll find this Silver Key.

Where are the silver keys in Aurora Fable 3?

City of Aurora | Silver Keys Fable III Guide The silver key has been hidden behind the rocks [2]. From the market place [1], head along the path beside Shackleram’s House to the very top of the hill and turn right [2].

Where are the silver keys in Driftwood Fable 3?

Millfields | Silver Keys Fable III Guide The key is opposite to the entrance [2]. If you go to the monorail station and start going towards the lake, you will see a wooden fence by the road [1]. Jump over it and run forward along the road. At its end you will find the key [2].

Where to find 10 silver keys in Fable 3?

A 10 Silver Key Chest can be found on a green patch at the top of the stairs near the entrance to Fabulous Furnishings. Inside is 50,000G, so don’t forget about it! ( The Reliquary) Along the left side of the entryway to The Reliquary is a hall with plenty of bookshelves you can loot and a 1 Silver Key Chest — hey, you have 1 Silver Key (right?)!

Where are the guild seals in Fable 3?

Inside you’ll find 40 Guild Seals. In the Sunset House area, enter the main gate and take a right as soon as you set foot on the lawn. A winding path leads back to the Gold Key Door here.

Where do you get a million gold in Fable 3?

You can get a cool million from the Sunset House Demon Door as well. A special chest to match this key lies at the very bottom of your Gold hoard. To reach it once you have the key, transfer ALL of your funds to the Albion Treasury. This will take 5 transactions of 1 million Gold.

Where is the technicians key in Fable 3?

Run behind the rack of barrels to score this easy Silver Key. At the end of The Hole you’ll fight off some Hobbes in an Arena. Beyond the Arena is a bridge. Cross it and take a left and you’ll find a windy path that leads to the Technicians Key. Near the Mistpeak entrance — and wreckage — is an area with a bunch of barrels.