Where are Moonstruck chocolates made?

Where are Moonstruck chocolates made?

Portland, OR
We source ethical chocolate and wherever possible, fresh local ingredients from the Pacific Northwest. Made in our factory in Portland, OR, our chocolates express the spirit of the city that we call home.

Who owns Moonstruck Chocolate?

Bany and her husband, who is also 44 and a former manager of retail operations at Columbia Sportswear, bought Moonstruck from a group of investors that had acquired it from its founders, Deb and Bill Simmonds.

What chocolate is made in Oregon?

Established in 1993, Moonstruck Chocolate has been crafting the finest Portland, Oregon made artisanal handcrafted truffles and chocolate. Now a member of Cocoa Horizons, Moonstruck is working hard to foster a more sustainable future and provide sensational chocolate experiences.

What is Moon chocolate?

Moon has quickly attracted a cult following as a leading edible cannabis brand in California. Since 2015, the team behind Moon has been creating products that taste delicious and use the same quality ingredients found in high-end chocolates, all while offering the best value per milligram to the consumer.

Where does Moonstruck Chocolates get their chocolate from?

Moonstruck Chocolates. Based in Portland, Oregon, Moonstruck Chocolate craft the finest in artisanal handcrafted truffles and gourmet chocolate. Enjoy delicious chocolate bars, truffles and cocoa shipped all over the country from Made in Oregon.

What kind of chocolate is made in Oregon?

Oregon chocolatiers and candy makers are creating magic. Join the chocolate lovers who rave about Moonstruck Truffles. Dive into deeply delicious fudge by Brigittine Monks. Acquaint yourself with special chocolates, sea salted caramels and berry candy from Euphoria, JaCiva, Cary’s of Oregon, Candy Basket, Indulge and others.

Why do we put the Moon in chocolate?

At Moonstruck, we lean into love and the way that the moon is a reminder for all of the magic we see in chocolate. In each of our truffles, chocolate bars, and hot cocoa, we embrace the honored tradition of chocolate and its ability to awaken the wonder and curiosity that exists within all of us.

What makes Oregon candy so good to eat?

You’ve got to get yourself a box and maybe even share a piece or two. The secret to Oregon candy is the same thing that makes Oregon a cornerstone in the craft movement, hand-crafted. It makes for candy so filled with love and care you can taste it, no extra calories added!