Where are all the Cataclysm raid entrances?

Where are all the Cataclysm raid entrances?

Cataclysm instance locations

Instance Level Location
Blackwing Descent Raid Burning Steppes [23, 26]
Throne of the Four Winds Raid Uldum [38, 81]
Blackrock Caverns 80-83 Blackrock Mountain, [66, 62] [72, 53]
Grim Batol 85 Twilight Highlands [19, 54]

What raids were in Cataclysm?

Adventure Guide Cataclysm raids

  • Baradin Hold.
  • Blackwing Descent.
  • The Bastion of Twilight.
  • Throne of the Four Winds.
  • Firelands.
  • Dragon Soul.

What level should I be for Cataclysm raids?

Cataclysm instances by level

Instance Name Abbreviations Suggested Level Range
Blackrock Caverns BRC 80-90
The Stonecore SC 81-90
The Vortex Pinnacle VP 81-90
Grim Batol GB 84-90

How do I get to the broken Isle raid?

The raid entrance is at the end at coordinates 44, 60. If you have no obtained the shortcut portal, you can get there through the building entrance in Suramar City at 46, 64.6. Once you enter, simply continue forward.

Where are the raid entrances in Cataclysm Wow?

Blackwing Descent Location. Blackwing Descent is located in the Burning Steppes on the side of Blackrock Mountain. From the front entrance to the mountain, fly up the right side and you should find a balcony with the raid entrance. The entrance is located at coordinates 23.2, 26.3. Tip: Click map to zoom.

Where is the entrance to cataclysm 5 Mans?

Below is a compiled list of the new Cataclysm 5-mans with screen-shots of the location, the level range, and a short description of the instance. Hope this helps! Location: Blackrock Mountain, Searing Gorge / Burning Steppes. Head towards the Blackrock Spire entrance portal, and take a right. Follow the hallway and take the first left.

How many Dungeons and raids are in Cataclysm?

Please consider viewing this guide instead. Cataclysm will initially ship with 4 new raids (with at least 2 more being added via later content patches), 7 new dungeons and 2 Heroic old dungeons (redesigned for level 85!), which means more introductory instanced content than any other expansion before!

Where is the entrance to the Blackwing descent raid?

The entrance to the raid instance is close to Nefarian ‘s throne in Blackwing Lair and is accessible by flying to the throne on the eastern side of Blackrock Mountain. It features Nefarian as a boss, who returned from the assault on his lair and retreated further into the spire.