What terminal is Virgin Atlantic at MCO?

What terminal is Virgin Atlantic at MCO?

Terminal A
Which terminal? All Virgin Atlantic flights depart from and arrive at Terminal A.

Are terminal A and B connected at MCO?

The main terminal is split into A and B sides for airline ticketing, baggage claim, ground transportation, and parking. Each concourse is connected to the terminal via an automated people mover (APM).

What gates are in Terminal A at MCO?

MCO Terminal A, also known as the North Side or Side A, is home of Airsides 1 and 2 with their respective gates 1-29 and 100-129.

What airlines are in Terminal C at MCO?

Parking Garage ā€œCā€ is located on the South Entrance Road adjacent to the South APM Station and features 1,690 parking spaces and remote check-in facilities for domestic flights on Alaska, American, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit and United (Domestic flights only, minimum of 90 minutes before departure, available …

How many terminals are there at Orlando Airport?

Loading… Terminal Layout: The arrangement of the terminals at Orlando airport consists of two connected terminals, A & B, with each having two separate concourses (Airside 1 & 2, and 3 & 4). Refer to the MCO terminal map for reference to individual terminals and Airsides. – Level 2 houses the Baggage claim.

Where are the parking facilities at Orlando Airport?

A listing of airlines serving Orlando airport can be viewed by terminal or by airline. Parking facilities are located away from the main terminals and are accessible by shuttle bus. The elevated AGT train shuttle from the main terminal connects to all four Airside Satellites 1 through 4 at post-security.

Is the MCO terminal at Orlando airport free?

MCO terminal amenities include free WiFi access throughout the airport. Aside from food & drink, ATMs, currency exchange – the airport offers a large USO Center at the west end (A side), housing a children’s area, quiet room, baggage storage & 80 inch TVs with DVD movie library. The Club MCO at Airside 1 is open 5am-11pm with seating for 60 guests.

Where is the Hyatt Regency at Orlando Airport?

MCO Airport – Orlando Airport ( Orlando , FL ) The on-Airport 443-room Hyatt Regency Hotel with 446 rooms (tel. 407-825-1234) is on top the Main Terminal, offering covention & meeting rooms, AAA-rated restaurant. Orlando International Airport has currently one passenger terminal connected to four airside satellites.