What size is a Super 35mm sensor?

What size is a Super 35mm sensor?


Sensor or Format % Compared to 3 Perf Sensor or Format Size (in mm)
Super 35mm Film – 3 Perf 16×9 100% 24.9 x 14
Super 35mm Film – Full Aperture 107.8% 24.9 x 18.1
Super 16 Fim – 16×9 47.8% 11.9 x 6.7
35mm Vistavision Film – 8 Perf Horizontal 158.3% 37.72 x 24.92

What size is a crop sensor?

These dimensions are 36mm x 24mm. This gives the aspect ratio of 3:2 (three units wide compared to two units tall), which is the ratio most DSLR cameras shoot in. By definition, a crop sensor is anything smaller than these measurements. The most common of these are APS-C and micro four thirds.

How do you calculate crop factor from sensor size?

The math to derive the crop factor is quite simple. Knowing the physical size of the sensor, you first calculate the diagonal using Pythagorean Theorem (a² + b² = c²), then divide the number by the diagonal of the crop sensor.

Can I use a full frame lens on a Super 35 sensor?

If you want to use manual photo lenses on super 35 or smaller you need a dedicated speedbooster to get the full sharpness the lens is capable of. Or you would need a video camera that has a full frame sensor. 2 lenses on a super 35 sensor camera you can only dream about this amount of fine detail and crispyness.

What’s the crop factor of a super 35mm camera?

Super 35mm chip: Sensor Size 22x12mm – 26x15mm aprox (these have a crop factor of around 1.4 to 1.5 as compared to full frame cameras although sensor size varies slightly in this group) Red Epic, Scarlet (25.9 x 14.5) Canon C300 C100 C500 (24.6 x13.8mm)

How big is a super 35mm camera sensor?

Super 35mm – Crop Factor: 1.4-1.6x – Approximate Sensor Size: 24x14mm – Decent Depth-of-Field – Adequate Dynamic Range – Good Low-Light Capabilities. The Super 35 (S35) digital sensor is really a family of varying sizes and is sometimes confused with APS-C sensors in DSLRs.

What are the dimensions of a Super 35?

The Super 35 is natively 16:9, 24.89 mm × 18.66 mm with a diagonal of ~28.5mm. The crop factor will be the ratio of the two diagonals, 41.3 / 28.5 = ~1.44x, typically mentioned as 1.4x.

What’s the difference between Super 35 and APS-C?

The Super 35 (S35) digital sensor is really a family of varying sizes and is sometimes confused with APS-C sensors in DSLRs. Every manufacturer makes their cameras with a slightly different sized sensor but they still call them Super 35. For instance, the ARRI Alexa has a sensor that is 4:3, 23.8 x 17.8mm.