What size are Rawl bolts?

What size are Rawl bolts?

Installation data

Size M20
Thread diameter d 20
Hole diameter in substrate d0 32
Installation torque Tinst 230
Min. hole depth in substrate h0 140

What are Rawl bolts?

Rawl expansion anchor bolt. Rawl is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality anchor bolts used for construction, industrial maintenance and renovation projects. Rawl anchor bolts are used primarily to install structures to concrete, brick, block and stone.

What size drill bit do I need for a M10 Rawl bolt?


Thread M10
Drill Hole Size 16mm
Per Unit 98g

What size drill bit do I need for a m12 Rawl Bolt?

Answer: Hi, a 20mm drill bit is required to install the M12 Rawlbolt.

How big is a Rawl bolt drill hole?

Roofing nails s drill hole size for anchor bolts a hole size for m8 anchor bolt a rawlplug english 6pc m8 x 75mm expansion bolts amtech Construction Fasteners Roofing Nails S Staples Teks Sealing Washers Stainless Steel Landscape Spikes And All Types Of

How big is a Rawlbolt shield anchor bolt?

1. Bolt lengths suitable for fixture thickness up to 150mm. 2. Ferrule marked with hole diameter for correct installation. 3. Pressed steel segments ensure consistent dimensional accuracy. 4. Optimum taper nut angle for maximum expansion in all substrates. 5. Shield available seperately. Product Information RAWLBOLT®Shield Anchor Loose Bolt

What are the different types of Rawlbolt throughbolts?

R-RBL Rawlbolt Throughbolts Throughbolts Option 1 Throughbolts Option 7 Internally Threaded Anchors R-DCA/DCL Wedge anchors Screw Anchors R-LX Concrete Screw Anchors Mechanical Anchors Accessories Mechanical Anchors Accessories

Where can I buy Rawl concrete fasteners from?

The Rawlplug Company still exists and sells its product in England and throughout Europe. Rawl products can be purchased from Powers Fasteners, Inc., which is associated with Concrete Fastening Systems™, Inc. and is based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Purchasing can be done by going online to www.confast.com and buying directly.