What kind of Digimon does Gatomon come from?

What kind of Digimon does Gatomon come from?

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory. Gatomon is #115 and is a Light Vaccine type, Champion level Digimon, who uses 8 memory. Gatomon digivolves from Salamon, Patamon, Terriermon, and Lunamon, and can digivolve into Angewomon, Lillymon, Pandamon, and can DNA digivolve to Silphymon with Aquilamon.

How are Gatomon and Patamon related to each other?

Also known as PaGato by the fans. Much like their human partners they are almost always seen together, especially in season two. Though it is rare that they show any significant signs of affection to each-other, it is clear that they are close friends.

Who is the most popular Digimon in the world?

Patamon and Gatomon are arguably the most popular and/or mainstream Digimon couple in the series, that includes the entire series till season Six where Digimon romances are actually relevant to the plot. In addition they seem to have a special bond in nearly all their forms.

Who is the emperor of the Digimon World?

Four years later, a human calling himself the Digimon Emperor began conquering the Digital World and enslaving its Digimon. Gatomon is reunited with Kari, but had lost her tail ring while escaping a Unimon under the Emperor’s control.


How many Digimon can Gabumon evolve into?

Gabumon can also evolve into 10 different types of Digimon depending on the stats and Care Mistakes made: Numemon (When you do not meet requirements for any other evolutions and at least 4 days have elapsed). Scumon (When its Poop meter is full).

Who is Gatomon in the gateway to home?

The Gateway To Home Gatomon accompanies Myotismon and his army in the assault on the Real World in the search of the Eighth Child, the predestined eighth member of the DigiDestined, who Myotismon was determined to destroy. Thanks to Wizardmon, Gatomon realizes that she was in fact the chosen partner Digimon for the eighth member, Kari Kamiya.

How did Gatomon get the crest of light?

The DigiDestined and their Digimon, along with Wizardmon, fight Myotismon to save Kari. During the battle, Wizardmon sacrifices himself for Kari. Gatomon and her partner are devastated by Wizardmon’s death, and this activated the Crest of Light, enabling Gatomon to digivolve to Angewomon to fight Myotismon.