What is the synonym word for novice?

What is the synonym word for novice?

beginner, learner, inexperienced person, neophyte, newcomer, new member, new recruit, raw recruit, new boy, new girl, initiate, tyro, fledgling. apprentice, trainee, probationer, student, pupil, mentee. North American tenderfoot. informal rookie, new kid, newie, newbie.

What’s another word for rookie?

In this page you can discover 25 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for rookie, like: tyro, novice, hurdler, initiate, champ, abecedarian, beginner, world-champion, , buck-private and newcomer.

What is the synonym of conceit?

Synonyms for conceited. conceived, conjured (up), dreamed.

What is the synonym of graffiti?

That which has been scribbled, written in a scrawled or careless hand. scribbling. cacography. graffito. griffonage.

What is the origin of the word novice?

History and Etymology for novice. Middle English, borrowed from Anglo-French, “probationer in a religious community” (continental Old French also, “inexperienced person”), borrowed from Late Latin novÄ«cius, going back to Latin, “newly imported slave, person recently entered into a condition,” as adjective, “newly imported,…

What is the antonyms of novice?

Antonyms for novice: teacher, artistes, adepts, hot shots, pros, proficients, artiste, doyens, experts, hot shot, pro, shark, old pros, doyen, master, professional, veteran, Sharks, expert, old pro.

Is novice a noun?

novice(Noun) A beginner; one who is not very familiar or experienced in a particular subject. I’m only a novice at coding, and my programs frequently have bugs that more experienced programmers wouldn’t make. novice(Noun) A new member of a religious order accepted on a conditional basis, prior to confirmation.

What person is a novice?

A novice is a person who has entered a religious order and is under probation, before taking vows. By extension, the term is used informally for a person or animal new to a particular field of endevour.