What is the percentage of water in Pakistan?

What is the percentage of water in Pakistan?

The current water supply is about 79% in Pakistan [42]. Improper and poor water supply for drinking purpose has a great health risk to the public.

What are the major sources of water in Pakistan?

The Indus River is the major source of water for the more than 180 million people of Pakistan. A rapidly increasing population over the past 60 years has created new pressures on water that was once a plentiful resource for the health and development of the country.

Why water is so important in Pakistan?

Approximately 95 percent of Pakistan’s water is used for agriculture, with 60 percent of its population directly involved in agriculture and livestock, and 80 percent of exports based on these sectors. Despite having the world’s largest glaciers, Pakistan is among the world’s 36 most water-stressed countries.

Why does Pakistan have a water crisis?

There are several factors that have contributed to the water crisis in Pakistan, such as an increase in population in urban areas, agriculture, mismanagement of the water system and climate change. If the water crisis in Pakistan is not solved, the impact felt by people in the country will worsen.

Is Pakistan a water scared country?

Currently, Pakistan is categorized as a water-scarce country because the yearly water availability is less than 1,000 cubic meters per person. The country crossed this level in 2005. If it reaches 500 cubic meters, it will become a country that is absolute scarce of water by 2025.

What is the water crisis in Pakistan?

Water Crisis Pakistan is one of the 30 countries of the world, facing an acute water deficiency, which is likely to aggravate during the forthcoming decades. More then 80% of Pakistan lies in the arid and semi-arid zones, characterized by highly erratic, unpredictable and low precipitation, excessive evapo-transpiration and high summer temperatures.

Is Pakistan running out of water?

Pakistan to run out of water by 2025: Report Description: According to reports capita availability of water in Pakistan is expected to hit “absolute water scarcity” levels by 2025. According to an earlier report by UN report – the country may run out of water by 2025.