What is the GDP of Jakarta?

What is the GDP of Jakarta?

721,535,235.8 million rupiahs
Jakarta (Special City District) – GDP at current prices In 2nd quarter 2021, GDP for Jakarta (Special City District) was 721,535,235.8 million rupiahs.

What is the richest province in Indonesia?

Per Capita Data

Rank Province Per capita PPP
1 Jakarta 55,184
2 East Kalimantan 36,026
3 North Kalimantan 26,929

What is the GDP of Indonesia 2020?

$1.15 trillion
Economy of Indonesia

Trade organizations APEC, WTO, G-20, IOR-ARC, RCEP, AFTA, ASEAN, EAS, ADB, others
Country group Developing/Emerging Lower-middle income economy Newly industrialized country
Population 270,203,911 (2020)
GDP $1.15 trillion. (nominal; 2021 est.) $3.50 trillion (PPP; 2021 est.)

What is the GDP per capita or GNI per capita of West Papua?

In 2019, GDP per capita for Special Region of West Papua was 64,683 thousand rupiahs. GDP per capita of Special Region of West Papua increased from 54,049.32 thousand rupiahs in 2010 to 64,683 thousand rupiahs in 2019 growing at an average annual rate of 2.02%.

How big is the economy of Jakarta Indonesia?

Indonesia is the largest economy of ASEAN and Jakarta is the economic nerve centre of Indonesian archipelago. The city generated about one-sixth of Indonesian GDP in 2008. Jakarta’s nominal GDP was US$483.8 billion in 2016, which is about 17.5% of Indonesia’s.

Who are eligible to apply to Jakarta Intercultural School?

JIS groups applications into three Application Lanes. Dependents of employees of JIS founding embassies (United States, United Kingdom, and Australia), and eligible dependents of JIS faculty. Expatriate or host country students coming from overseas who do not yet have a school in Jakarta.

When did North Jakarta become a populated area?

The area of North Jakarta around Tugu became a populated settlement in the early 5th century.

What are the core values of JIS International School?

Service is one of our core values here at JIS, and as a Community of Care, we will work with our service partners to help children, families, and organizations in need with real, meaningful actions. We encourage every member of our Dragon family to make long-lasting changes and always strive to be Best for the World.