What is live stock management?

What is live stock management?

Livestock management refers to the activities carried out by a farmer in his effort to raise farm animals from day old to the point of marketing or disposing the animals. It involves the provision and maintenance of adequate housing, good feeding, sanitation and medicare.

What are the types of record keeping in cattle?

Types of farm livestock record keeping and their uses. Animal identification records: such as identification number, tag numbers,date of birth, sex, calving date, date of purchase, date of death etc. Calving report: such as calf number, sex and date of birth and any other remarks (father and mother etc.).

Why is record keeping important in livestock?

In the case of livestock, the farm should keep records of bloodlines, pests, disease, feed types and consumption. These records help to prevent inbreeding, control pests and disease and provide the bets feed for optimum performance. Spending just 10 minutes per day updating records will save you time and money!

What are the types of livestock management?

According to FAO there are three main livestock management systems:

  • mixed production.
  • intensive farming systems “landless”
  • extensive production system.

Is there an app for cattle record keeping?

Ranchr – Cattle Record Keeping on the App Store Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Simplify tracking and managing your cattle — no more pen and paper, spreadsheets or outdated, expensive software. Ranchr gives you (and your hired help) a single app to manage all your cattle information from your phone or iPad.

What does ranchr app do for cattle management?

Ranchr gives you (and your hired help) a single app to manage all your cattle information from your phone or iPad. By using Ranchr’s cattle management software you will save time, money and stress. It was built by cattle farmers to make the job much easier.

Is there an Android app for cattle movement?

Availability: The app is available to download on Android and Apple devices. App function: The app is linked to Shearwell’s NLMD online management software and connects to BCMS to send cattle births, movements and deaths.

What does folio3 cattle record keeping software do?

Our cattle record software also comes with a comprehensive reporting dashboard that allows you to drill down into your data like never before. With regulators, retailers and consumers increasingly interested in the source and traceability of cattle and meat, Folio3 Animal Care Practice lets you easily record the critical metrics that matter!