What is Ledum Palustre 30c used for?

What is Ledum Palustre 30c used for?

Like Hypericum, Ledum Palustre has reputed anti-tetanus properties. It is used to treat puncture wounds (eg those caused by nails) and bites from both animals and insects. The pains are sticking, tearing and throbbing.

How do you take Ledum Palustre 30c?

Take homeopathic Ledum Palustre 30c by placing 1-2 pellets under your tongue, and allow to melt. Do not touch the pellets; simply drop them from the container under your tongue. Repeat three times a day for 7 days total.

What is Ledum Palustre made from?

Rhododendron tomentosum (syn. Ledum palustre), commonly known as marsh Labrador tea, northern Labrador tea or wild rosemary, is a flowering plant in the subsection Ledum of the large genus Rhododendron in the family Ericaceae.

What is APIS homeopathic remedy?

Apis Mellifica is a remedy from the honey bee used mainly to relieve inflammation from urticaria and bites characterized by great redness and swelling. The symptoms are often better with cold applications or cool air. It can also be used to treat inflammation of arthritis.

Where does the pain in Ledum palustre come from?

1) Another striking characteristic of Ledum is that in rheumatic or arthritic conditions the pain begins in the extremities and extends upward. The pain is also much more severe in the lower limbs. In painful wounds the pain originates at the sight of the wound and ascends.

When to use Ledum palustre for insect bites?

In serious animal and insect bites Ledum should be administered in high potency. 5) Ledum should also be thought of for negative local effects from vaccinations, such as induration or hardening at the sight of the vaccine. For constitutional effects of vaccinations, think of remedies such as Silica and Thuja.

How is Ledum palustre used to treat gout?

Ledum is good for the pain of gout. The patient is cold, but he is aggravated from the heat of the bed and the pains are worse at night. The joints are swollen, pale and hot, and the peripheral joints will be affected first.

Is it better to bathe with Ledum palustre?

The chilly Ledum patient may also perspire profusely at night, but cannot bear to be covered. The amelioration from cold is so strong in Ledum that when the patient is suffering from stiffness, his joints will loosen up from cold bathing. This is the opposite of Rhus tox, which is better from hot bathing.