What is EarthBox mulch cover made of?

What is EarthBox mulch cover made of?

durable agricultural film
Made from durable agricultural film, it’s one of the most important elements of the EarthBox® gardening system. The EarthBox® Mulch Cover serves several critical functions to control and protect the system’s environment: Keeps rain out of the growing media to prevent crucial nutrients from being washed away.

What is mulch cover for?

Stops weeds from transplanting in the system; which would otherwise compete for space, water, and nutrients against your plants. Helps deter insects and other pests from burrowing or digging in the growing media. Depending on the climate and which color is face up, the mulch cover helps to attract or reflect sunlight.

How much fertilizer do I need for an EarthBox?

You’ll need 2 cubic feet (60 dry quarts) per EarthBox. What kind of fertilizer does the EarthBox need? Each time you plant in the EarthBox, use 2 cups of a dry, granular fertilizer or plant food for vegetables (use 3 cups if the fertilizer is organic).

How do you use an EarthBox planter?

How to Plant your Earthbox

  1. Place the container where it is going to stay in a sunny area of 6-8 hours of sun.
  2. Fill the wicking chamber with moistened potting soil and then fill directly into the container.
  3. Fill the water reservoir through the fill tube until water comes out of the overflow hole.

Why do you need a cover for earthbox?

One of the key secrets to your EarthBox ® container gardening success is the EarthBox ® Mulch Cover! In addition to keeping unwanted weeds out, the EarthBox ® Mulch Cover helps conserve water and keep nutrients in, all while insulating your container gardening system and protecting it against the elements.

How long does an earthbox mulch cover last?

Once in use, all mulch covers last an entire growing season. Each mulch cover is sized according to the growing system. Choose your mulch cover based on your climate. The Original EarthBox ® Mulch Covers will fit both 1st and 2nd generation models. Sold per cover.

What can you do with an earthbox garden?

Unlike other raised bed gardens and planters, the EarthBox ® gardening system is self-watering, sustainable, easily moveable and portable, and can even be used to grow indoors. Now that’s one smart garden! The EarthBox ® Container Gardening System makes it easy for anyone to be successful at growing just about anything!

Why do you put Tomatoes in an earthbox?

Growing tomatoes in earthboxes allows them to draw as much water as they need and not be stressed. If we have a rainy spell, the excess water will run out the bottom and not waterlog the plants. Once it gets hot, I generally fill the reservoir (sp) daily, just to make sure the plants aren’t stressed. I no longer use their covers or fertilizer.