What is drill through in TM1?

What is drill through in TM1?

TM1 drill- through consists of two components. Drill Process – Defines the detailed data you want to associate with a cell. Drill Assignment Rule – Defines the relationship between the cell and the detailed data.

How do you drill down in TM1?


  1. Right-click the origination cube in the Server Explorer.
  2. Click Drill, Create Drill Process.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Select the Datasource Type for the detailed data you want to drill through to from the origination cube.
  5. Define the data source.
  6. Click Finish.
  7. Enter a name for the drill process in the Name box.
  8. Click Save.

When you Create a drill process with a cube data source what does TurboIntegrator do?

TurboIntegrator (TI) processes and one (or more) drill rules to associate a data intersection point with detailed or related data. It’s important to understand that the related data or information can be detailed data or really, any other relevant information that you choose. Assignment Rule”.

What is the difference between TM1 and Cognos?

In simplest terms: TM1 is a database engine and a collection of applications for accessing and managing its databases. Cognos BI is a collection of web applications that provide pretty interfaces for viewing and doing stuff with data.

What does drill from mean in Cognos TM1?

The drill processes that you create will define the detailed or related data that you want to assign to the “drill from” data intersection point (the drill from cell). The drill assignment rules that you create will define the relationship between the drill-from and the drill-to (and associate the drill process).

What do you mean by drill through in TM1?

Drill-through can be described as the act of exploring related information. Also, this can be described as the act of moving between related data via a link of some kind. Most specifically, drill-through usually exploits a relationship between master and detail information. Components of TM1 drill-through

How does Cognos analysis for Excel work with TM1?

New Excel interface that brings together BI and TM1 Data CAFÉ (Cognos Analysis For Excel) has been overhauled to connect to TM1 servers. You can use the interactive drag-and-drop environment to explore and analyze data to find answers to business questions or even write back to TM1 and contribute to a plan.

How to slice a cube in Cognos TM1?

We can follow these steps to slice the current cube view into a worksheet: 1 Open (or create a new) view in the Cognos TM1 Cube Viewer. 2 From the Cube Viewer, click on File. 3 Click on Slice. Then, TM1 slices the view into a new Excel worksheet. More