What is Digital River charge on my credit card?

What is Digital River charge on my credit card?

Digital River is an ecommerce transaction processing service, similar to PayPal. They may have charged you because someone else has your credit card info and email address and/or other personal info. You may want to start by contacting your credit card issuer in order to get the charge removed. Then get a new card.

What is Digital River Pacific?

Digital River is a private company that provides global e-commerce, payments and marketing services.

How do I contact the Digital River in Ireland?

The Seller, Data Controller and Entity Responsible for the Content of this Site is

Seller: Digital River International, S.a.r.l.
Registered Office: Digital River Ireland Limited Dromore House East Park Shannon County Clare V14 AN23 Ireland + 353 61 230 000 phone + 353 61 230 001 fax [email protected]

How do I get a refund from Digital River?

The Digital River store by Digital River offers a 30-day money back guarantee. How do I request a refund? To request a refund, you must look up your order and then use the request a refund option to submit your request.

What is Digital River Incorporated?

Digital River, Inc. provides electronic commerce services. The Company offers marketing, order management, business infrastructure, and payment services. Digital River serves customers worldwide.

Is Digital River legitimate?

Digital river is an ecommerce payment company. They don’t fraudulently take your money. They partner with companies like Samsung, Microsoft, razr, McAfee, avast, etc. If you buy from those websites, your charge may show up as from digital river.

Is AVG Digital River?

AVG has partnered with the established eCommerce provider Digital River, which manages the online sale and distribution of our products and services.

Who is Digitalriver com?

What is Digital River PayPal?

Brands can now offer Pay in 4 with PayPal to their customers for added flexibility. Digital River, an experienced global commerce enabler for established and fast-growing brands, announced today a new Pay Later option for its U.S. clients, Pay in 4 from PayPal.

Who bought Digital River?

Siris Capital Group
Digital River Announces Agreement to be Acquired by Investor Group Led by Siris Capital Group for $26.00 per Share in Cash – Digital River – EN.

Is PayPal Digital River?

Pay in 4 from PayPal is available in the U.S. now for all Digital River customers who have PayPal as a payment option.

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