What is Dfsort in JCL?

What is Dfsort in JCL?

JCL – DFSORT Overview. DFSORT is a program you use to sort, merge, and copy information. When you sort records, you arrange them in a particular sequence, choosing an order more useful to you than the original one. When you copy records, you make an exact duplicate of each record in your data set.

How do you convert PD to ZD?

To change this to readable format, you need to convert these numbers into ZONED Decimal (ZD) format. This can be accomplished using SORT. p,m,PD,TO=ZD converts the PD values to ZD values. By default, a 4-byte BI value produces a 7-byte ZD value, but LENGTH=6 override the default length to produce a 6-byte ZD value.

What is UFF in sort?

UFF stands for unsigned free form and M11 would tell SORT to use leading zeros, e.g. 27 would be displayed as ‘0000000027’.

What is zoned decimal in sort?

A zoned decimal representation stores a decimal digit in the low order nibble of each byte. For all but the byte containing the sign, the high-order nibble is the numeric zone nibble (F on EBCDIC and 3 on ASCII). The sign can be merged into a byte with a digit, or it can be separate, depending on the representation.

When does SOC 7 occur in DFSORT-IBM mainframe?

SOC 7 occurs due to Data exception. when u r trying to move non numeric value to numeric variable. Please note that this particular 0c7 happens in a SORT process, not some program. SOC 7 occurs due to Data exception. when u r trying to move non numeric value to numeric variable. Moves usually are PACK/UNPK and will not exception….

What are the Abends for DFSORT in COBOL?

– When a COBOL program invoked DFSORT: name or DDNAME parameter. different from those defined for the data set. CONTAINS, RECORDING MODE, and so on). specified block size. parameter was greater than the BLKSIZE parameter. data set. LRECL for variable-length records. exception (0C7 ABEND) for SUM processing.

Where is the system completion code for 0C7?

This one : The system detected a data exception (System Completion Code=0C7). at address 105B4DC3. Is there a way to know with this message where is the problem ?

Why does s0c7 Abend for sort-IBM mainframes?

Both the sort uses same I/p files (same layout) and run with EXEC PGM=SORT except the second sort (failing one) reads from Input Tape. Can anyone help on this? The S0C7 would be caused by a bad PD value. The SUM statement would be processed before the OUTFIL statements, so if the first job works, the SUM statement is not the problem.