What is Brain Balance Achievement Center?

What is Brain Balance Achievement Center?

Brain Balance Achievement Centers are after-school learning centers that offers a program of brain training, exercise, simple physical exercises, skills training, and dietary advice that it says helps children with developmental and learning disabilities.

How much does Brain Balance program cost?

The Brain Balance program is 12 weeks long and costs about $6,000, plus several hundred dollars for the assessment test and nutritional supplements. Most children are advised to take two 12-week sessions.

Is brain balance a franchise?

We’re not an education franchise. As a franchise, Brain Balance Achievement Centers have been open since 2006, helping parents whose children struggle with academic, social and behavioral issues. With 120 centers open or in development, we have hundreds more territories available nationwide.

How old do you have to be to work at Brain Balance?

Brain Balance Program Components Kids and young adults, ages 4-24, can benefit from the program.


How does the Brain Balance Program help kids?

Brain Balance is the leading drug-free training program designed to help kids improve focus, behavior, social skills, anxiety, and academic performance. The program goes above and beyond the more traditional, mainstream approaches you may have tried before to help your child get to the root of their challenges.

Where can I enroll in the Brain Balance Program?

That’s OK! You can still enroll in the Brain Balance Program. Simply fill out a form and we’ll show you how you can get started. 1457 Ford St 8338 E. 21st.

How did the Brain Balance Program HELP Isak?

Isak’s parents credit the Brain Balance program with reducing the violent tantrums that used to torment him and his family. Elaine Cromie / for NBC News But the premise behind the programs has faced significant criticism from doctors and scientists who warn that some are making dubious claims.

How many brain balance centers are there in the US?

But these centers are now in most major U.S. cities. Brain Balance has 108 locations and said it brought in $51.3 million last year. LearningRx has 70 centers in the U.S. as well as 85 centers called BrainRx around the globe.