What is a ventilated soffit?

What is a ventilated soffit?

Ventilated soffits are perforated with tiny holes that help air pass in and out of your attic space. Combined with a fan, ventilated soffits keep air flowing in the area you need it most. And they do it quietly and unobtrusively so you don’t have to hear or see the venting happening.

Do I need ventilated soffits?

Non-vented or continuous soffit works best when your roof has narrow eaves or if you need to ventilate a large amount of attic space. Vented soffit panels are good with a wider eave and a smaller amount of attic space because they have smaller vents between solid panels.

What can I use instead of soffit?

One great alternative to a soffit ventilation system is to install an intake vent right at the lower edge of the roof. They call this a venting drip edge. The venting drip edge seems to be the easiest and most common way to go.

What happens if your house doesn’t have soffit vents?

If you don’t have soffit vents, we recommend you add some other vents in the lower part of the attic that can function like soffits. For some homes, you could try adding vents to a porch ceiling that could act like a soffit and feed the attic.

Which is the best Soffit for attic ventilation?

Aluminum vented soffit is long-lasting, requires very little care, is insect- and rodent-resistant, and comes in a wide range of color options. Ventilated aluminum soffit is a great way of adding more ventilation to your home’s attic and roof.

When do soffits need to be vented in UK?

Do soffits need to be vented? The answer to this is, simply, that it depends. Approved Document F, which covers ventilation requirements for buildings in the UK, states that all newly built properties must have continuous ventilation at eaves level. Therefore, eaves ventilation must be provided via vented soffits or over-fascia ventilation.

Can you use non ventilated soffit on vinyl siding?

And when coordinating or complementing vinyl siding, you can be sure of getting the exact color you want. Use it to cover or ventilate, or use non-ventilated panels as a vertical siding accent. Ideal for a variety of home styles, our Universal Soffit offers affordable quality in five different vented and unvented options.

Do you need building regulations for soffits and fascias?

Soffits and fascias are an important part of the roofing of your home. They provide support to the roof tiles and protect the edge of the roof. Replacing soffits and fascias will not normally need building regulations approval. However, building regulations do specify the amount of ventilation that a roof space must have.