What is a IDoc in SAP?

What is a IDoc in SAP?

IDoc is an SAP object that carries data of a business transaction from one system to another in the form of electronic message. IDoc is an acronym for Intermediate Document. The purpose of an IDoc is to transfer data or information from SAP to other systems and vice versa.

What are the IDoc types in SAP?


Message Type IDOC Type Description
GSVERF GSVERF01 Self-Billing procedure

How does SAP implement IDoc?

Create the IDoc type as follows:

  1. Run transaction code WE30.
  2. Enter a name for the IDoc extension in the Obj name field, select the Extension option, and then click the Create icon.
  3. Select the Create new option, enter HRMD_A06 in the Linked basic type field, and then enter a description in the Description field.

What is IDoc type and message type?

Message Type: For which purpose the IDOC is going to fire. one system to another system. Through Message Type a whole bunch of data transfered to process code/port for transferring data. IDOC type/Basic Type contains exact data.

What are Ale, EDI, and iDocs in SAP?

An IDoc is intended to transfer SAP data or information to other systems and vice versa. The transition from SAP to a non-SAP system takes place through subsystems of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), while ALE is used for the transfer between two SAP systems. In the SAP system or in the EDI subsystem, IDoc can be activated.

How safe is IDOC?

IDOC is actually a safer way to send it than sending it to each school, because you’re only sending it once, and IDOC has very developed security and privacy practices in place, which might not be the case at different colleges’ own financial aid offices.

What does IDOC stand for in technology?

Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC)

When is IDOC serialization required?

When there is a dependency between IDOC message types while processing or distributing, IDOCs must be processed in a serialized manner. In order to achieve this requirement, IDOC serialization must be used. i.e. Vendor Master, Customer Master, Material Master, etc.