What is a grocery store called in France?

What is a grocery store called in France?

Chain stores: supermarkets (supermarchés) and superstores (hypermarchés)

How do you shop in French?

The following phrases will be useful no matter what kind of shopping you plan on doing.

  1. J’aime celui-là. (I like that one.)
  2. Merci, je ne fais que regarder. (No thank you, I’m just looking.)
  3. Il n’arrive pas à se décider à ce qu’il va acheter. (He can’t decide what to buy.)
  4. Combien? (How much?)
  5. Payons à la caisse.

What is the most popular shop in France?

Today the famous Le Bon Marché, BHV, Galeries Lafayette and Printemps are known throughout the world and make Paris famous. Similar to luxury stores, they represent the capital’s prestige and host millions of curious tourists to let them discover their architectural beauty each year.

What are the most popular supermarkets in France?

E. Leclerc holds the largest market share with 22 percent, followed by Carrefour with a 20 percent share. The grocery retail landscape in France has been dominated by the Leclerc Group and Carrefour group, who have been fighting neck to neck for the lead position.

What are the names of the shops in France?

Here are the French names for the shops and robbers businesses that provide essential supplies and services. une épicerie. small grocery store. un marché. farmer’s market. une grande surface. un supermarché. supermarket. un hypermarché.

Do you have to go to stores in France?

If you’re traveling in France it will be very likely that you’ll have to go to the store. On this page you’ll find an extensive list of vocabulary covering different kinds of shops and businesses. The French take great pride in their little shops so it’s worth going in and practicing your French!

Do you know French words for grocery shopping?

When you’re in a French-speaking country, it’s incredibly important to know the French words for items you need to grab at the store, as well as the vocabulary that you will encounter during this task.

Do you need to know the lingo to shop in France?

If you are shopping in France, you’ll need to know the lingo. You could just stick with one shop or market, go in, pay and get out. But most of us do more than that in our search for the right product and the best bargain.