What happened to Morgan shop?

What happened to Morgan shop?

Morgan, the UK high street fashion retailer, has collapsed after the company’s French parent withdrew its distribution agreement. The closure will result in more than 620 job losses. The closure takes immediate effect with administrators KPMG taking control of the company’s assets.

Does Morgan de Toi still exist?

Morgan de toi is a clothing brand, owned by the French company Morgan SA. The company was established in 1947 to sell lingerie, but has since diversified. At present it has over 650 retail outlets worldwide….Morgan (clothing)

Type SA
Website www.morgandetoi.com

When did Morgan de Toi close?

Morgan began more than 40 years ago in Paris and went on to open 500 stores globally, but withdrew from these shores in all but a few department stores, before going into administration in 2008.

What kind of clothes do the Morgans wear?

Our selection of high-quality official Morgan clothing features a diverse range of items, each one hand picked and developed by Morgan. From subtly branded garments suitable for a more formal and sophisticated occasion, to more purposeful clothing ideal for a Morgan adventure, discover the latest range available.

What to get an owner of a Morgan?

The Morgan Vehicle Accessories section features ideal gift ideas for a Morgan owner, as well as the perfect accessories for touring and adventures.

When did the first Morgan dress come out?

Morgan is a true fashion icon. This French label has been supplying flawless styles since 1968 and still gets it right every time. Shop the collection to find your outfit du jour. Whether you’re going off-duty or hitting refresh on your 9-5 rotation, there’s serious add-to-bag potential in this collection.

What do you need to know about Morgan jewelers?

Since 1914, Morgan Jewelers has been providing the most remarkable collections of bridal and fashion jewelry for thousands of women who want something special to add to their lives…. We guarantee complete satisfaction on your Morgan Jewelers Diamond Jewelry purchase with our Lifetime Limited Diamond Jewelry Warranty on all diamond merchandise.