What happened to Felix Longoria and his family?

What happened to Felix Longoria and his family?

Background. Longoria was killed during the war, in the Philippines in 1945, but his body was not returned to his family until 1949. Upon receiving the body, his family attempted to arrange to bury him at the local cemetery, which was segregated and limited to whites.

When was Felix Longoria born?

April 16, 1920
Felix Z. Longoria Jr./Date of birth

Where was Private Felix Longoria from?

Three Rivers, Texas
Private Longoria, a Mexican American soldier from Three Rivers, Texas, was flushing out Japanese soldiers retreating from the island of Luzon in the Philippines when a sniper cut him down just months before the end of World War II. His heroic actions posthumously earned him the Purple Heart and other military medals.

Where was Felix Longoria buried quizlet?

Longoria was significant because his affair launched a national civil right movement lead by Mexican Americans, for the first time their voices were heard and they were able to bury him at the Arlington National Cemetery where all the heroes rest.

Who was Felix z.longoria, Jr.and what did he do?

(Redirected from Felix Z. Longoria, Jr.) Jump to navigation Jump to search. Felix Z. Longoria (1920 – June 1945), was a Mexican-American soldier from Texas, who served in the United States Army as a private.

Where did Felix Longoria grow up in Texas?

Born and raised in Three Rivers, Texas, Felix Longoria moved to Corpus Christi, TX with his wife in search of work.

How did the Felix Longoria Affair get national attention?

When the New York Times reported on the local difficulties faced by Longoria’s family in Three Rivers, the case attracted national attention and it became known as the Felix Longoria Affair. Walter Winchell on his radio program stated “The big state of Texas looks mighty small tonight”.

Where was the post office named after Felix Longoria?

In 2004, Santiago Hernandez of Corpus Christi, who was an employee of the Federal prison near Three Rivers, began a push for local recognition of Private Felix Longoria in Three Rivers. He proposed to name the city’s Post Office in honor of Longoria.