What happened to Audrey Hardy on General Hospital?

What happened to Audrey Hardy on General Hospital?

In 2007, Ames retired from General Hospital after 43 years. On October 1, 2009, she was announced to be reappearing as Audrey in mid-October after a two-year absence from the show. She reprised Audrey again in April 2013, to coincide with General Hospital’s 50th anniversary and again on October 30, 2015.

How many wives Steve Hardy had?

John Beradino as Dr. Steve Hardy

Spouse(s) Audrey Hardy (divorced) Audrey Hardy (dissolved)
Romances Helen Webber (affair; deceased) Audrey Hardy (dated; engaged)
Children Jeff Webber (son w/ Helen) Unnamed Child (miscarriage w/ Audrey) Tom Hardy (adopted son w/ Audrey)

Who played Dr Steve Hardy?

Actor John Beradino
Actor John Beradino, who played professional baseball before appearing for 33 years as chief of staff Dr. Steve Hardy on “General Hospital,” has died of cancer at age 79. Beradino died Sunday at his Los Angeles home.

How old is Rachel Ames?

91 years (November 2, 1929)
Rachel Ames/Age

What did Audrey Hardy do in General Hospital?

She is a registered nurse, who had forsaken the profession for that of an airline stewardess. After noticing Dr. Steve Hardy ( John Beradino ), the Chief of Internal Medicine at General Hospital, Audrey stays in town and becomes a private nurse. Eventually, Steve and Audrey get engaged, but Audrey breaks it off.

Who was the first actress to play Audrey Hardy?

Rachel Ames originated the role of Audrey in 1964 in what was originally a thirteen-week stint with an option for an additional thirteen weeks. The character’s popularity prompted the series to keep the character on canvas.

When did Maura McGiveney leave the show Audrey Hardy?

The character’s popularity prompted the series to keep the character on canvas. Ames took an extended leave in 1970 when she had to be put on bedrest during her pregnancy. Maura McGiveney played Audrey temporarily while Ames was gone.

When did Elizabeth Webber move in with Audrey Hardy?

In 1997, Audrey is attacked during a hostage crisis at General Hospital. Jeff’s daughter, Sarah Webber, comes to help Audrey recover and moves in with her. Her younger sister Elizabeth Webber quickly follows and moves in as well. Elizabeth is raped on Valentine’s Day in 1998, and Audrey tries to help her by telling her to move on.