What episode does Gaara save Naruto?

What episode does Gaara save Naruto?

The Death of Gaara!
“The Death of Gaara!” (我愛羅死す!, Gaara Shisu!) is episode 17 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

What happens in Naruto: Shippūden Episode 181?

Synopsis. Tazuna begins to compliment Naruto for his actions and praising him as a hero, causing Sakura to recall back when Naruto was just an annoying child whose antics were troublesome, albeit fun. Naruto proceeded to stop the fight, and the truth had come to light.

What happens in episode 186 of Naruto: Shippūden?

After Naruto carelessly drank the last of Lee’s special medicine, he vowed to go to retrieve the Jofuku Flowers needed to make the medicine. Despite being assigned to a mission with Ino and Sakura, Naruto decided to abandon the mission and find the flowers instead.

What is Gaara’s relationship with Naruto?

Naruto author Masashi Kishimoto created Gaara as a foil to the series’ protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto and he have a similar background: he was rejected by his peers and fellow villagers for being the host of One-Tailed beast, Shukaku, a situation that Kishimoto describes as “very much like Naruto’s”.

Did Gaara get Shukaku back?

Fans remember Gaara losing his ties to Shukaku during Naruto: Shippuden as he was the first Jinchuriki captured and sacrificed in order to summon the Ten-Tailed Beast. While the series had never confirmed whether or not Shukaku had returned to Gaara after the war, this does give a clue that this is certainly the case.

What happens in Episode 183 Naruto Shippuden?

Naruto visits Sakura, who is caring for Tsunade. Sakura recalls an incident that took place three years before, in which she collapsed from symptoms that resembled a disease caused by a mysterious virus, one that turns a ninja’s chakra into fever.

What happens in EP 187 of Naruto Shippuden?

Synopsis. While recovering from his injuries after having fought Sasuke, Naruto is visited by Jiraiya, who tells him that as soon as he is discharged from the hospital, they would be leaving Konoha for three years in order to train. Instead, Naruto rotates his chakra externally and hits Gamariki.

Who did Gaara love?

GaaMatsu (我愛マツ GaaMatsu) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Gaara and Matsuri.