What does Tata Steel Shotton do?

What does Tata Steel Shotton do?

Shotton Works is located in Deeside, North Wales, and manufactures approximately 500,000 tonnes of metallic coated and pre-finished steel per year for building envelope, domestic and consumer applications.

When did Shotton steel works close?

After a decade battling union and political pressure, British Steel announced the crushing blow on March 31, 1980, signalling the end of 78 years of steel-making in Shotton.

Who was John Summers?

The founder, John Summers, was born in Bolton, Lancashire in 1822. While working as a clogger, he visited the Great Exhibition in 1851, where he bought a nail making machine, and commenced making nails with which to fasten the iron strips on to the soles of clogs.

Where is John Summers clock tower?

The Grade II-listed John Summers Clock Tower in Deeside was home to Shotton Steelworks’ general office from 1907. After the Flintshire building was sold by Tata Steel in 2009, it was vandalised and fell into disrepair.

Who was the founder of Shotton steelworks?

The company’s founder, John Summers, bought a nail making machine in 1851, and commenced making nails with which to fasten the iron strips on to the soles of clogs at Stalybridge, Cheshire. Although John Summers died in 1876 four of his sons, James, John, Alfred and Henry, carried on the business.

Where are the steelworks in Shotton Flintshire?

Shotton also became a railway junction. Although known as Shotton Steelworks, the majority of the neighbouring large plant owned by Tata Steel lies in Connah’s Quay . The town lies under the Hawarden Bridge, which was completed in 1889 as a swing-opening bridge. Shotton is served by the following schools:

How did the town of Shotton get its start?

Founded by Anglo-Saxons, the town grew from the 18th century around coal mining and farming on reclaimed marshland. Shotton also became a railway junction. The John Summers & Sons steelworks was established in 1896 on a six acre site.

Where is the town of Shotton in Wales?

Shotton is a town and community in Flintshire, Wales, within the Deeside conurbation along the River Dee, joined with Connah’s Quay, near the border with England. It is located 5 miles (8 km) west of Chester and can be reached by road from the A548. In the 2011 census Shotton had a population of 6,663.