What does name Saphira mean?

What does name Saphira mean?

Meaning of Saphira Saphira means “sapphire” or “lapis lazuli” (from Greek “sappheiros/σάπφειρος” or Hebrew “sappir/סַפִּיר”).

What does the name Ananias and Sapphira mean?

The name Ananias is a boy’s name meaning “God has given”. The not good Ananias was the husband of Sapphira who conspired to deceive the apostles and was struck dead.

Is the name Sapphira in the Bible?

Ananias (/ˌænəˈnaɪ. əs/; Hebrew: חָנַנְיָהּ‎, romanized: Chānanyah) and his wife Sapphira (/səˈfaɪrə/; Hebrew: סָפִירַה‎, romanized: Ṣafīrah) were, according to the biblical New Testament in Acts of the Apostles chapter 5, members of the early Christian church in Jerusalem.

What name means My God has answered me?

1- Eliana. Eliana is a beautiful feminine Hebrew name that means God has answered my prayer. Eliana has soared in popularity in the last few years and is currently amongst the top 100 popular girl names. Many notable people bear the first name Eliana.

What does Saphira mean in the Bible?

Hebrew Baby Names Meaning: In Hebrew Baby Names the meaning of the name Sapphira is: Sapphire (gem); beautiful.

Where did the name Saphira come from?

The name Sapphira is a girl’s name of Greek origin meaning “sapphire”. Sapphira is a lovely name which unfortunately has an unsavory Biblical history. The New Testament Sapphira was killed by God for lying about a tax payment.

Was Ananias a high priest?

Ananias son of Nebedeus (or Nedebeus) was a high priest who, according to the Acts of the Apostles, presided during the trials of the apostle Paul at Jerusalem (Acts 23:2) and Caesarea (Acts 24:1). 2, called him “Ananias ben Nebedeus”. He officiated as high priest from about AD 47 to 52.

Is Ananias a boy or girl name?

The name Ananias is primarily a male name of Greek origin that means Gift Of The Lord.

How is Saphira pronounced?

Pronounce Names

Pronunciation: Suh-fire-ah
Type of Name: Jewel name
Origin: Unknown
Alternate Spelling(s): Sapphira
Meaning: sapphire; gem; jewel; blue.

How common is the name Saphira?

Saphira Name Popularity

Year Rank % Births
2017 1,371 0.0062%
2018 1,783 0.0031%
2019 1,569 0.0044%
2020 2,187 0.0029%

What names mean sent from heaven?

For your baby daughter, consider a name that means “God’s gift”.

  • Anya. Meaning: Hebrew for “Jehovah’s cloud”
  • Alya. Meaning: Arabic for “Sent from Heaven”
  • Aldora. Meaning: Greek for “Winged gift from God”
  • Callidora. Meaning: Greek for “Gift of beauty”
  • Darina. Meaning: Slavic for “Gift”
  • Dolly.
  • Dorinda.
  • Dorothy.