What does FFP mean in music?

What does FFP mean in music?

Fortissimo piano
[Abbreviation] Abbreviation for Fortissimo piano. See more about dynamic marks in the Appendix.

What is the difference between Rinforzando and sforzando?

Sforzando only applies to the note/chord it is written under, whereas rinforzando remains in effect until the next dynamic marking. Typically, sforzando applies to a single note or chord which should get extra emphasis, and rinforzando applies to a passage which should get extra emphasis…. (pun!

What does Black FFP mean?

It means Frustration-Free Packaging. It is delivered in a plain brown box vs a retail package. Maybe “Frustration Free Packaging” as indicated in a prior response, but that’s debatable with multiple possible acronyms!

What does grave mean in music?

Grave, a term for a slow and solemn music tempo or a solemn mood in general.

What does RFZ stand for in sheet music?

Literally, “straining”. rfz is rinforzando, and is more or less synonymous with sforzando for musical purposes. Literally, “reinforcing”. sfp is sforzando-piano, or sforzando followed immediately by piano. Slightly more dramatic than just fp. sfzp would be the same thing.

What is the difference between RF, SF, FZ, SFZ?

rf = rinforzando – reinforced, but not as much as the accent. sf = sforzando – sudden strong accent on a note or chord. fz = forzando – the sharp accenting of a note/groups of notes.

What’s the difference between rinforzando and RFZ?

It tends to mean “with great force” of a percussive nature. The rinforzando (“reinforced,” rfz or rf) implies more of a “leaning on” the note such that it emerges from the texture or becomes the high point of the phrase, but not harshly.

What does rinforzando stand for in Italian music?

The Italian musical command rinforzando (abbreviated rfz) is an indication to play with gradual emphasis or broad accentuation until otherwise noted; lit. “reinforcing.” Similar to a light, progressive accentato. Not to be confused with ( sfz) sforzando.