What diseases are notifiable in the UK?

What diseases are notifiable in the UK?

List of notifiable diseases

  • Acute encephalitis.
  • Acute infectious hepatitis.
  • Acute meningitis.
  • Acute poliomyelitis.
  • Anthrax.
  • Botulism.
  • Brucellosis.
  • Cholera.

What are the 11 notifiable diseases?

The diseases are:

  • Diphtheria.
  • Mumps.
  • Poliomyelitis.
  • Haemophilus influenzae Type b (Hib)
  • Meningococcal disease.
  • Rubella (“German measles”)
  • Measles.
  • Pertussis (“whooping cough”)

What is a notifiable infection?

When certain diseases and illnesses occur, government health authorities must be informed about the occurrence — these are known as ‘notifiable’ diseases. Many, but not all, notifiable diseases are infectious diseases (sometimes known as ‘communicable’ diseases).

What are notifiable communicable diseases?

A notifiable disease is any disease that is required by law to be reported to government authorities. The collation of information allows the authorities to monitor the disease, and provides early warning of possible outbreaks.

Are there any STDs on the national notifiable diseases reporting list?

STDs on the Nationally Notifiable Diseases Reporting List. There are several sexually transmitted diseases on the nationally notifiable diseases reporting list. As of July 30, 2015, the reportable STDs are: Chlamydia – confirmed cases. Chancroid – confirmed and probable cases.

Are there any STI tables in the UK?

Added 2018 UK data tables. Minor edits to England STI slide set and tables 2 and 4. Table 2 has been temporarily removed and will be republished after minor edits. Updated with 2019 STI data; annual report; pre-release access list; and added links to infographic and slide set.

How to report a notifiable disease in the UK?

Notifiable diseases: causative agents report for 2020 Contact PHE Midlands and East of England regional office and centres Contact PHE North of England regional office and centres Collection Notifications of infectious diseases (NOIDs) Explore the topic Public health Is this page useful? Maybe Yes this page is useful No this page is not useful

Where does Public Health England collect STI data?

Download England STI slide set 2018. Public Health England collects data on sexual health services and sexually transmitted infections diagnosed in genito-urinary medicine ( GUM) services and other clinical and community-based settings in England.