What changes did Agnes Macphail accomplish?

What changes did Agnes Macphail accomplish?

Causes she championed included pensions for seniors and workers’ rights. Macphail was also the first Canadian woman delegate to the League of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, where she worked with the World Disarmament Committee. Although a pacifist, she voted for Canada to enter World War II.

Where did Agnes Macphail go to school?

Owen Sound Collegiate and Vocational Institute
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What party did Agnes Macphail represent?

United Farmers of Ontario
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What was Agnes Macphail occupation?

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Where did Elizabeth MacPhail go to high school?

Macphail attended Owen Sound Collegiate and Vocational Institute for one year. Although she did well, she transferred to Stratford Normal School so she could complete her studies while boarding with a relative. She graduated in 1910 with a second-class teacher’s certificate. She applied for five positions and was accepted at all five.

Who was Sharon Macphail and what did she do?

While working in Sharon, Macphail became active politically, joining the United Farmers of Ontario (UFO) and its women’s organization, the United Farm Women of Ontario. She also became a columnist for the Farmer’s Sun around this time.

When did Betty MacPhail become a Member of Parliament?

Moving to provincial politics, from 1943 to 1945 and again from 1948 to 1951, she served as a member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario representing the Toronto riding of York East. Active throughout her life in progressive Canadian politics, Macphail worked for two separate parties.

How did Elizabeth MacPhail contribute to the Canadian penal system?

One of Macphail’s greatest accomplishments was her role in reforming the Canadian penal system. In 1923, prisoners at the Kingston Penitentiary rioted, prompting Macphail to investigate conditions at the prison. What she saw there shocked her, and sparked her campaign to reform the penal system.