What can you do at Kimball Farm?

What can you do at Kimball Farm?


  • Driving Range. FORE!
  • Grand Slam Batting Cages. SWING FOR THE FENCES.
  • Bumper Boats. BUMPER-TO-BUMPER FUN.
  • Spin Zone Bumper Cars. SPIN ‘TIL YOU’RE SILLY!
  • Soaring Eagle Zipline. READY FOR TAKE-OFF.
  • Olde Sawmill Arcade. GET YOUR GAME ON.
  • Is Kimball Farms cash only?

    No, they are counter service only.

    Does Kimball Farms make their own ice cream?

    Even Kimball Farm, popular for its “homemade” ice cream since it opened its first store in 1939, does not make it from scratch. All the ice cream is made at the original family farm in Westford.

    Is Kimball open?

    Open Mon-Fri 6:30am-6pm and weekends 7am-6pm.

    Who owns Kimball Farm?

    Four Fun Locations In 1988, the business was passed down to Jack’s grandsons, Michael and Peter Kimball — Peter still runs the business today.

    What is a Kimball special?

    A Kimball’s Special is only a special in its purest form The combination of the flavors of ice cream with the combination of toppings makes the Kimball’s Special, special. Any changes to the ice cream flavors or toppings should be allowed but it isn’t a Kimball’s Special.

    Who owns Kimball Farm Westford?

    Who owns Kimball House?

    Miles Macquarrie
    Kimball House owners Matt Christison, Miles Macquarrie, Bryan Rackley, and Jesse Smith have confirmed they signed a lease to take over the former Luminary space at Krog Street Market, where they will open a yet-to-be-named seafood restaurant and bar.

    Who owns poor Hendrix?

    Poor Hendrix is the fulfillment of a long-time dream of husband and wife owners, Aaron and Jamie Russell. Aaron and Jamie met when they were just teenagers while Aaron was making pizzas and Jamie was waiting tables at a local Italian restaurant.