What band has the best logo?

What band has the best logo?

The Rolling Stones The English rock band’s “Hot Lips” logo is perhaps the most iconic band logo in all of rock history. The logo is both a reflection of the goddess Kali—the Hindu goddess of energy portrayed with a large mouth and tongue—and an amplified depiction of Mick Jagger’s own mouth.

Who is the most famous band of 2020?

We’ve selected the most popular band from every year since 1960. This was determined by a variety of factors, including Billboard chart success, cultural impact, and Grammy nominations. The biggest band of 2020 is none other than K-pop sensations BTS, who just had their first No.

How do bands choose logos?

Band logo best practices

  1. Color. Choose a color that reflects your music genre and resonates with your band’s fans.
  2. Layout. As you begin designing your band logo, ask yourself, ‘Where will I use my logo most?’
  3. Typography.
  4. Symbol.
  5. Special Features.

Which is the best band logo of all time?

The Best Band Logos in History. 1 1. The Rolling Stones. Image source: udiscovermusic.com. The English rock band’s “Hot Lips” logo is perhaps the most iconic band logo in all of rock 2 2. The Doors. 3 3. The Monkees. 4 4. AC/DC. 5 5. Bon Jovi.

What kind of logo does a punk rock band use?

The punk rock band has a disarray typography logo to match the band name. Its design features an incomplete and harshly colored in strokes that give it the “I don’t care” identity that punks love. There’s no such thing as a lack of ideas.

How to make a band logo for free?

Create a professional band logo in minutes with our free band logo maker. BrandCrowd logo maker is easy to use and allows you full customization to get the band logo you want! Pick one of the band logos on this page or update your search. Change colours, fonts, add a tagline… Our band logo maker is 100% customizable and easy to use.

Which is the only band to have a logo in lower case?

One of just five logos in our Top 50 to be written entirely in lower case. The others are Oasis, Daft Punk, Motorhead and Arctic Monkeys. This distinctive motif appeared on the cover of Muse’s first two albums, but was missing from their third and fourth, before being reinstated for their recent live album ‘HAARP: Live From Wembley’.