What are three advantages of advergaming?

What are three advantages of advergaming?

To clarify the definition of advergaming a bit, let’s review some of its characteristics and benefits for brands:

  • It is not about putting up ads, but about including branding.
  • Voluntary interaction is everything.
  • Rewards for playing.
  • Improve brand awareness.
  • They work for any type of brand or product.
  • Long-term results.

What are the disadvantages of advergaming?


  • Unhealthy Products. Advergames often advertise unhealthy products[2].
  • Children do not recognize it. Children often lack the cognitive capability to realize that advergames are advertising.
  • Privacy issues. Through advergaming, marketers are often able to gain valuable consumer information.

What is an example of advergaming?

Other examples of advergames that have achieved widespread awareness include: Chex Quest, a non-violent first-person shooter developed for personal computers in 1996 for the Chex cereal brand. While the game was a total conversion of Doom, it is considered one of the few advergames that was enjoyable to play.

How do advergames usually work?

Defining ‘Advergaming’ Advergaming consists basically in inserting brand content within games to catch the attention of potential customers. They do so by creating an ‘impression’ of the brand or of a single product −and always in a subliminal and non-intrusive manner.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of advergaming?

Let’s discuss a little about the advergaming advantages and disadvantages. High cost: Even though the price for creating a mobile game is definitely lower than it was before, you should know that advergaming and mobile advertising will bring a relatively expensive campaign.

Why is the presence of the brand important in advergaming?

In advergaming, the presence of the brand is not secondary, but constitutes the core of the game. It offers a non-intrusive way to connect with the public. The user himself is the one who addresses the game and interacts with it voluntarily. It is easy to customize.

Is it worth it to invest in advergaming?

As we presented above there are many advantages provided by this technique and if your budget allows you to invest in advergaming, you can rest assure that your campaign will give you long-term results!

What do you need to know about mobile advergaming?

So, with your mobile advergaming, you need to leverage new technologies in order to convince them that your game deserves their attention. Requires promotion: Yes, it seems awkward that you have to promote your ad because you created it for promoting your product.