What are the regions of Quebec?

What are the regions of Quebec?

Quebec’s regions are unique and all have their own appeal.

  • Abitibi-Témiscamingue.
  • Centre-du-Québec.
  • Chaudière-Appalaches.
  • Côte-Nord.
  • Laurentides.
  • Montérégie.
  • Montréal.
  • Outaouais.

What Land region does Quebec belong to?

eastern province of Canada
Quebec, French Québec, eastern province of Canada. Constituting nearly one-sixth of Canada’s total land area, Quebec is the largest of Canada’s 10 provinces in area and is second only to Ontario in population. Its capital, Quebec city, is the oldest city in Canada.

What provinces are in Quebec?

Quebec City/Province

How many districts are there in Quebec?

Discover Québec’s 17 regions and their unique features and attractions!

What are the administrative regions of Quebec used for?

Administrative regions are used to organize the delivery of provincial government services. They were also the basis of organization for regional conferences of elected officers ( French: conférences régionales des élus, CRÉ ), with the exception of the Montérégie and Nord-du-Québec regions, which each have three CRÉs or equivalent bodies.

Where to contact Canada economic development for Quebec?

To contact Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions, click on a region on the map or consult the list below. List of administrative regions served by Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions.

When did the province of Quebec change its name?

In January 2000, Québec administrative region was renamed Capitale-Nationale. Quebec has a number of regions that go by historical and traditional names. Often, they have similar but distinct French and English names. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Regions of Quebec. ^ “Census Profile, 2016 Census: Estrie, QC and Quebec”.

What is the report of the Gouvernement du Quebec?

The Gouvernement du Québec has made public the report from the Canadian Armed Forces, resulting from their presence in the long-term care facilities (CHSLD’s). To read it, please consult the document Observations sur les centres d’hébergement de soins longue durée (PDF 2.06 Mb) (in French only).