Should a toilet seat be up or down?

Should a toilet seat be up or down?

To eliminate accidents at all costs: Always leave the seat down. There is, however, one reason why you’d want to put the seat down every time — to prevent anyone from falling in to the toilet, especially during groggy nighttime bathroom visits when they might not look at the seat position before sitting.

Why do guys always leave the toilet seat up?

Men are taught to lift the seat to pee when there is a flaw in the process of urinating. Adding few inches helps a lot. It is disgusting to sit on a seat after it has been wet and nobody feels good if they have to wipe the seat dry.

Is it better to keep toilet lid open or closed?

“Since the water in the toilet bowl contains bacteria and other microbes from feces, urine and maybe even vomit, there will be some in the water droplets. The easiest way to avoid this nastiness coating your bathroom is, simply, to close the toilet seat. “Closing the lid reduces the spread of droplets,” Hill explained.

Should you flush with the lid down?

The highest reached up to about three feet from the ground. The researchers recommend putting the toilet lid down before flushing to prevent potential spread of COVID-19. They also recommend cleaning the toilet seat before use and washing hands carefully after flushing.

Is it better to put the toilet seat up or down?

All this aside, putting the toilet seat down also puts it in its proper resting position. Otherwise, the toilet looks like an always-open mouth and I don’t care for that at all. Still, this bathroom debate rages on.

What happens if you put the toilet seat up every time you Pee?

If you put the seat up every time you pee, you are now both coming into manual contact with the toilet seat. However, if you take one second to flick the toilet seat back down after you pee, you’re not exposing yourself to any new germs that you didn’t already touch while flicking the seat up.

Is the social norm of leaving the toilet seat down?

In yet another paper, “The Social Norm of Leaving the Toilet Seat Down: A Game Theoretic Analysis,” economist Hammad Siddiqi argues that, while both Choi and Harter are correct, they leave out a very important issue: the fact that a woman will most likely yell when she finds the toilet seat up.

What happens if you drop your toilet seat?

Over time, repetitive lid and seat slamming can cause cracks and splits in the wood or plastic. This can cause you to have to purchase another toilet seat sooner. Yuck factor. Falling toilet seats lead to cracks and crevices that harbor bacteria from waste and excess cleaning products over time causing dermatitis in some cases. Germs.