Is Monty Roberts fake?

Is Monty Roberts fake?

Monty Roberts was born in Salinas, California and is the son of horse trainer Marvin E Roberts, who authored his own self-published book, Horse and Horseman Training, in 1957.

Can you do join up without a round pen?

You do not need a round pen. Monty himself has done join up with a mustang on acres of land. He even has a segment on his online uni about doing join up without a round pen. You do need to be somewhat athletic though, and it will likely take longer.

How long does it take a horse to join up?

Traditional ways of starting a horse with his first saddle and rider can take upwards of 6-8 weeks, while Monty’s methods can take a fraction of the time without the loss of trust. Join-Up methods rely on horse and trainer establishing a bond of communication and trust.

What does the term’natural horsemanship’really mean?

– Horse & Hound Natural horsemanship: what does it really mean? Deemed a controversial subject by some, Horse & Hound asks well know names in the world of ‘natural horsemanship’, as well as riders competing in mainstream disciplines, what the term means to them

Who is the founder of join up horse training?

Join up is one small step towards training, most often used by those who practice ‘natural horsemanship’ towards training their horse. It was popularized by horse trainer Monty Roberts and is most often used by other trainers who market themselves as natural horse trainers.

Are there any problems with natural horsemanship?

The other problem with Natural Horsemanship, and another area I do not agree with, is it’s tendency to advertise as a quick fix to many horse problems.

Can a unhandled horse join up with a trainer?

If a horse is already trusting, expecting it to join up using this method may actually create the opposite effect. The method appears to be effective on unhandled horses. Many trainers, to demonstrate the method, will use a feral or otherwise unhandled horse.